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Max Mara 

Max Mara

Max Mara




Ulla Johnson

Max Mara


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The one-shade stop to streamline your lewk.

      Welcome to the masterclass for your new ultrachic wardrobe-saving outfit hack that somehow qualifies as both the most and also least colorful trend for Fall/Winter 2019. Seen splattering the runways of shows like MaxMara and Versace, these one-color, multi-shade looks have been cultivated as tutorials for your everyday execution. The careful amalgamation of these looks involves elements of texture, tint, and sheen to create interest and add subtle variety to the otherwise monochromatic ensembles. 

       Here to teach you that dressing like a crayon doesn't have to be spiritless is an expansion on Harling Ross's insightful "stick of butter" observation. Reincarnate some soggier pieces in your closet by seamlessly expanding your palette to dress like a stalk of celery, a topless carrot, or more appealingly a perfectly-baked baguette with these color clues.

       One collection that exemplified achromatic dressing with ease and efficiency was Cushnie's luscious color journey. Deep Merlot red, light and fluffy lilac, and sophisticated navy carried a color story full of October woes with a sprinkle of warm daydreams. Contrasting textures of lustrous silk, rich velvet, and shearling fur added dimension to the tonal looks and volume to the collection as a unit. The show was chocked full of tips for your tonal endeavors including variation of movement, silhouette, and fabric.  

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 7.17.36 PM.png

Jacquemus AW19

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 3.23.23 PM.png

Cushnie AW19

Max Mara AW19

        The accessories chapter of your colorless, color combo class comes from the ever-glamourous Max Mara. Color matching down to the detail may sound expert level but the payoff will be worth every late arrival to your prior commitments. Max Mara brought the boots, the bags, even the spectacles to play for head-to-toe colorless chicness. Featuring hues like vibrant turquoise, royal blue, and lemon yellow to contrast with a slew of smart neutral looks ranging the spectrum from a light fluffy biscuit to a steaming black coffee. Patent leather snakeskin accessories stood out against the tonal ensembles including over-the-knee boots and oversized totes, most a shade lighter or a shade darker than the rest of the look for disparity. Moral of the chapter being don't talk yourself out of those magenta sunglasses or a melon-colored tote because you just may be in desperate need of these accoutrements when you wear your all-melon look.

       Looking past the virally adorable tiny bag situation, Jacquemus' Fall Winter '19 collection had an epic showing overfloweth with striking color usage both monochromatic and polychromatic. One set of tonal dressing that distinguished itself were the bountiful green ensembles. With harmonious tones of emerald, olive, and a pure suburban-lawn-post-fertilization green, these looks were distinct and noteworthy. Other hues that Jacquemus manipulated achromatically were hot pink, baby and muted blues, beige and sand, coral, and a marigold yellow. The collection is your push towards colorful workwear featuring monochromatic suiting and utilitarian accents while keeping in mind that accessories are a maximalist's wing woman. From microscopic finger bags to fixture earrings and major boots, color was expansive and share worthy. 

      As you go off to color in your wardrobe, I hope you will be unapologetic with your hues and dynamic with the details. Tone, tint, and texture can turn your looks into lewks but rules are merely suggestions and your instinct translates to your style. Whether you look like you're taking the chicest venture to the Emerald City or climbing humbly out of your fruit basket, keep that 250-pack of colored pencil energy (sharpener in the back, obviously).

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