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The unconventional combo influencers are taking a risk on.

       In excessive screen time that the iPhone so graciously keeps track of, two unexpected contrasting hues have been sitting together at the lunch table on Instagram's coolest accounts. Influencers and stylists alike have been pairing the violets of the world with the buttery yellows for risky looks to write home about. Combining these on the daily may seem expert level but with the right tricks and stunt-double fearlessness...we'll get there together. 

       For the minimalist: The easiest and least intimidating way to tackle this trend is the two-tone look. Combine a yellow top with a purple bottom or vice versa and you have the look. You are most safe (and probably comfortable) with neutral accessories, but a fun pink or concentrated red accent could add excitement and intrigue. 

       For the accessorizer: If you’re a shoe or bag lady, don’t worry…you’re safe with me. The accent accessory is an unexpected way to execute this color palette. Try head-to-toe yellow or purple with a contrasting bag or shoe for an alternative to full color-blocking.  

       For the stunt-double: For the daring, this trend offers an oyster of new dressing ideas. An amalgamation of patterns, textures, and additional colors can be whisked in with these excitable hues. From animal prints to sheen to colored tights to tie dye, the possible combinations based off of these two shades is innumerable. Throw with your black-and-white zebra print or rainbow tie dye and call it an invention.

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