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The Green Light on reinventing this overlooked palette.

       Let us take this time to appreciate the natural beauty of a lost and stereotyped color combination that has been written off for years: pink and green. These two split-complimentary hues have been the subject of judgment for being quintessentially Southern and preppy or the expected materials of a young girl's bedroom. They have been abused in gaudy floral prints accented with embroidered monograms and turquoise accents.​

       However recently, this abandoned color combination has appeared in inspiring ways that imprint ideas of modernity and romance within them.

       The lush and delicate blooms of Cinque Terre in contrast with the stark stucco walls creates a dichotomy. The emerald blinds and shutters complimenting the soft pink exterior. The natural occurrence in St Lucian gardens of of pink blooms on a mélange of rich green stems

and leaves overflowth. 

       In contrast, the tones of a darker emerald velvet and rich fluorescent pinks air towards modernity. The combination of patterns and textures lends itself to 60's exuberance and spirits of boldness. Oversized prints and fearless monochrome reenergize and update the fatigued color palette. The marriage of adjacent colors adds dimension and interest. 

       Takeaways include but are not limited to: reintroduce pink and green into your wardrobe in two capacities. Initially, with tulle and ruffles influenced by the romance and softness of Caribbean gardens and Italian facades. Secondly, in the mod and pop-art inspired ideas of print and magenta monochrome. Be bold with an air of effortless and think of the natural combination rather than the overthought.

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