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9 bag brands calling your instagram handle's name from all corners of the cyberscape. 

       If you feel like dangerously stumbling into an cyber wormhole, you've found yourself in the right place. If you like a sensible structured day bag, you're more than in the right place. Considering these two aren't mutually exclusive, welcome to the next hour of your life. You may or may not leave with carpel tunnel, a worse instagram ratio and/or a new bag! 

       The influencer landscape and social presence of these brands has brought them from many corners of the world to the top of the feed. These brands offer quality craftsmanship and avant garde design inspired by expressionism, shape, and structure. They are incorporating cultural and artistic influence with daytime functionality while distinguishing themselves through modern and share-worthy content. The era of the structural bag is definitely here and upon researching, I discovered that many of these designers boast a background or a least a strong interest in architecture or furniture design and have a heavy focus on offering on distinct craftsmanship in alignment with chic, versatile, and modern bags. 


This Turkish brand aligns sustainability, functionality, quality, and top-tier design to make all your day bag dreams come true. With a background in industrial design, founder/creative director Meb Rure draws inspiration from modern art and architecture which carries through effortlessly into her designs. Mlouye's utilitarian pieces can be seen draping the shoulders and cinching the waists of influencers and editors alike while their simple monochromatic editorial brightens your feed. 

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A brand started by women for women to "complete" your outfit it. Be the whipped cream on your cheat day mochaccino. Designed in Tel Aviv, complet bags are high quality Italian leather pieces that epitomize modernity and the painless chicness that your favorite Danish influencer brings into your life during your weekly 3AM insomnia session. Offering backpacks, belt bags, shoulder bags and totes this is a one-stop for innovative, simple but contemporary design and the content to match. 


Pull the car over here for drool-worthy color combinations and impeccable craftsmanship that merge in a variety of architectural silhouettes. The Korean brand yields structural and outspoken bags that are aimed at meeting the carrier's needs. Seen adorning the shoulders of instagram and industry's au courant, these eccentric pieces are definitely worth adding to your already overworked back-of-the-door hooks. 

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The London-based brand is soaring due not only to their modern design aesthetic and immaculate quality but also their wide range of sportive pieces. With playful shapes and tantalizing color schemes, Danse Lente bags are both effervescent and engaging. Their offering allows for a wide audience and continued experimentation makes for many repeat offenders. Furthermore, their content features modern abstract and structural art that perfectly compliments the ornamental hand bags. 

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With an offering ranging from card-holders to totes, Mieti provides polished leather goods in imaginative young silhouettes. The brand was recently founded by Maria Fontanellas in Barcelona and also produces ready-to-wear pieces with chic sporty feel. The Mary Bag and the Mary Mini spotlight the handbags but interest is created in the contrasting stitching and unconventional color choices of all the leather pieces. The brands online presence is growing featuring craftsmanship and with a double side serving of cool girl. 

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In touch with the dichotomy of masculine and feminine, BOYY seeks to balance the female delicacy by offering women's pieces with a masculine feel. The oversized buckle is their signature accent but not their only offering as they have ventured into shoes, headwear, scarves, and eyewear. The international brand is the fruit of two designers from Montreal and Bangkok whose strong philosophy and evident sophistication has taken them all over the world. 

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This viral sensation of a brand has garnered worldwide attention for its modernistic impression and formulaic construction. Yuzefi is crafted in London with vanguard design rooted in the leather moulding and bonding techniques used in furniture construction. Designer Naza Yousefi's careful detail orientation has made her pieces distinct and thrust them to the forefront of the cyber scene.

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Brooklyn-based EDAS is a handcrafted jewelry brand that recently dipped (very successfully) into bags. With inventively structural handles, these bags feel organic and subtle tailored towards the eclectic soul. Sustainability permeates through both designer Sade Mills' jewelry and accessories as she uses refurbished and unconventional components in her designs. With an ever-growing following, the brand's social identity is a seamless continuation of its organic existence. 

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